Dire Priestesses Script

Context: The Dire Priestesses are side quests meant to relay some lore about the god they worship and send the player to fight specific dire animals that have big loot drops. The Priestess of Gluttony is missing because she wasn’t written by me.

Crow! Blessings of the Sun upon you. You seek the dire-wolf? The creature is filled with the wrath of Arkon, it will not lay down its life easily.

Arkon was once the god of Justice. His blessed Light shone upon the wicked and bared their sins. The betrayal of his brother and the death of his wife shattered his beliefs. He, the Harbinger of the Law, was denied his own justice.

In the forge of sorrow and rage, he was born anew: a god of flame and vengeance and retribution. He seeks for himself that which he was denied, and it will be his ascension to the Dragon Throne that restores his honor.

Go, Seek the Dire-wolf and quench its desire for wrath. You must prove your worth to the Lord of the Dawn.

Ah, a Crow. To which god do you bend your knee? It matters not. If you seek the dire-elk, your victory will honor Kane.

Gaea was the goddess of Life, but Kane was the god of Creation. Is it any wonder that they were so drawn to each other? They were two sides of the same coin. But she was shamed by the life their Stoneborn received.

When she died, a part of Kane died along with her—it is said even his forge went cold. He lost everything: the sun that should have rightfully been his, the life of his goddess, the love of his brother, the respect of his family.

He waits, cold and alone, for the Hunger to sap the last feeble warmth from the universe. He waits for the reckoning he deserves.

Find the Dire-elk and bleed its warmth from the world for the glory of the God of Destruction.

A Crow… Your kind are godtouched. Of all of us, you are the closest to viewing the universe as our Lord Kronos does.

He is The Watcher, the One Who Sees. Of all the gods, certainly he saw Gaea’s death, certainly he knows the culprit. And yet he is silent. Perhaps he knows that the truth of her demise would bring only more bloodshed in a time when we should band together.

So he attends our struggles, both mortal and divine. And when the last wisps of warmth are stolen from our plane, he will see. He will watch, as he has from the first moment of time, and the circle will be closed.

Find the Dire-aurochs, Crow, so that The Watcher may witness your power.

What secrets do you offer before the Spider Prince, Crow? My lord must have your whispers.

His spiders travel the universe, spinning silken threads of lies and tricks. Wherever you see the strands of web drawn between rafters or draped across a branch, you will know my lord Malekai has walked there.

While the All-Father leaves us to our fate and the rest of the gods squabble among themselves for some misguided claim to the Dragon Throne, the Spider Prince is among us. Perhaps he will live among you, too.

Think of what great work he could do through the eternal lives of a Crow. Will you be the voice of the Voiceless God? You need only listen to the whispers…

Weakness is the only sin. Show us you are not weak. Destroy the Dire-bear.

Blessings be to the All-Father, He Who Sang the Universe into Being. He is the one to thank for your existence, Crow.

It was the All-Father who hung the sun and the moon in the heavens. It was he who curved Lyessa’s back into the arch of the sky. And it was he who sat upon the Dragon Throne. But now the holy throne is empty and his ungrateful children quarrel over who has a right to it.

None of them! Valkyn has risked himself to fight the Hunger in the place where it dwells. The rest would die like bickering cowards rather than take up arms to save us all. Selfish, heedless wretches, the lot of them!

Kill the Dire-cat and prove your pride to the All-Father.

Oh, Crow. No need to stand so far away, I won’t bite. Unless, of course, you ask nicely.

My Lady Zaleena bids me pay special attention to you, scavenger. She, Daughter of the Dragons, is the goddess of life’s pleasures. Of all the gods, she has the most claim to sit astride the Dragon Throne, wouldn’t you think?

Fear not, she extends her lessons of bliss even to those who are no longer truly mortal. Surely, she could find use for you and she would ask no more than your subservience. But first, you must prove yourself.

Show me your vitality, Crow. Seek the Dire-spider where it dwells.

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