Stuck in an Elevator

Context: This was an assignment from a game writing class: pick three of your favorite video game characters and throw them in a broken elevator together. I chose Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2), Geralt (The Witcher), and Scooter (Borderlands).

INT. A very fancy-looking elevator, empty. The doors open with a ding and ARTHUR darts in, trying to look composed as he tucks a satchel of money into his jacket. A cowboy and highwayman by trade, these nice clothes look wrong on him. He presses the ground floor button then mashes the button to close the doors. There are muffled shouts down the hall.

C’mon, c’mon.

The doors close and ARTHUR breathes a sigh of relief as the elevator begins its descent. After a couple of floors, the elevator stops and SCOOTER, a filthy mechanic, walks in. The doors close and the elevator descends again.

Hey there, mister!


The elevator stops once more and GERALT, a white-haired man with a stoic demeanor, enters. He’s coated head to toe in greenish ectoplasm. SCOOTER and ARTHUR look horrified.

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I didn’t realize this was that kind of hotel!


The elevator doors close and it begins to move when suddenly there’s the sound of mechanical scraping and a ghostly howl. The elevator lurches to a stop, the lights on the call buttons flashing.


What was that?

Poltergeist. Hotel hired me to remove it.


(uncorking a bottle of specter oil)
Apparently there was more than one.

(looking at GERALT like he’s crazy)
A what?

(trying to pull the elevator doors apart)
Shit, this thing’s stucker than a pig in the mud! And by that I mean it’s real stuck.

Poltergeist. It’s a type of ghost. The nasty kind.

(prying the cover off of the call button console)
Figures the one time I try to take my lady to a fancy abode, I get myself caught in a tiny box by a ghost. I don’t deserve this! I’m a good person! I was even gonna pay my room service bill this time! Ooh, lookee there, these escalamators work a lot like a ride. Lessee what this here wire does…

You think this “ghost” is plannin’ to come in here after us?

(grunts, looking down at the floor)
It’s going to drop us.

On cue, the elevator lurches and falls a few feet before coming to a sudden stop. ARTHUR is now very solidly convinced of the existence of ghosts. GERALT looks annoyed. SCOOTER continues to busy himself with the wires in the console, almost like he didn’t notice the elevator’s movement.

Listen, fellas, I know we ain’t exactly too familiar with each other, but I’m gonna level with you: I just pinched a mighty large sum of money from the gentlemen havin’ a party in the penthouse. This really ain’t how I was picturin’ my escape.

You need a quick getaway? Why didn’tcha just say so?

SCOOTER strips a pair of wires with his teeth before grinning and touching them together. The elevator jerks and suddenly begins to fall.

(as the elevator plummets)

SCOOTER pulls the wires apart and the elevator slows and stops very gently at the ground floor. The doors slide open with a pleasant ding. A very haggard-looking ARTHUR stumbles out.

That ain’t…what I had… in mind…

ARTHUR shuffles towards the front door. It’s not a dignified getaway, but it is a getaway. SCOOTER looks very proud of himself.

How did you do that?

What, you think I ain’t never worked on a ride what’s been possessed by a ghost before? I don’t live under a rock, man. I mean, I did, but that was a temporary sitch-y-ation.

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