Credits: Writing, Story, Customer Service
Launched: July 6, 2021
Crowfall is a Throne War PvP MMORPG developed by ArtCraft Entertainment. I wrote and edited a comprehensive lore bible, created dialogue for quests, fielded worldbuilding questions from teammates, and wrote a variety of item descriptions.

The Hike

Credits: Writing, Story
Launched: January 2021
The Hike is a short narrative horror game about the things that find you in the woods. I was the sole developer on this game.


Credits: Writing, Story
Joined: October 2021
Mythgdard is a collectible card game initially developed by Rhino and acquired by Monumental. I wrote and edited a living worldbuilding document; reviewed, suggested edits for, and completed the established Story Mode; pitched and wrote additional storylines, expansions, characters, etc; and consulted on card design.