Crowfall – Know Your Enemy

Howdy, Crows!

Jack here to talk with you about monsters; no, not the Races but the beasts you’ll fight out in the field! The world of Crowfall® is full of creatures, and they all present some level of danger. In this article, we’ll discuss four prominent threats, why you might want to hunt them, and some tips on defeating them.

Beware: monsters not already infected by the Hunger will give over to its influence at night and transform into twisted bastardizations of their normal selves. These Hunger versions are more aggressive and far more deadly. While the following advice may give you a leg-up during the day, traveling at night will always be fraught with danger.


A massive bovine creature, the aurochs is an herbivore that is typically fairly docile. Traveling in small herds, they won’t attack unless outright provoked and you can easily skirt around them if need be. If you’re out with the intent to hunt the aurochs, however, take great care: their mass and imposing horns aren’t just there for intimidation. They react especially violently to crowd control effects, going into a blind rage or gaining a damage boost and immunity to further crowd control.

There are four variants of aurochs. The river aurochs is colored in tan and light browns. They tend towards a rearing smash that strikes out in all directions and can stun those close enough to get hit. Mountain aurochs look much like the areas they call home: deep slate coats with a ridge of white down their spine. Their favored attack is to charge from a distance. The onyx-horn aurochs is unsurprisingly named for its dark black horns. They utilize these weapons, preferring to strike out and gore targets they perceive as threats. Lastly, the painted aurochs is covered in dark splotches. They will charge and use their horns to fling debris at their opponents to blind them.

Bringing down one of these beasts will reward an amount of gold and Ethereal Dust dependent on the creature’s level. Hunters with a skinning knife can also harvest the aurochs for soft hide and aurochs meat (which makes a fantastic brisket).


Huge, with undulating tendrils and powerful claws, the bog bear is an understandably intimidating creature. Typically found alone, they are as aggressive as they are large. An omnivore, nothing is safe from the bog bear’s powerful jaws as he feasts on meat and plants in equal measure. They are a force to be reckoned with, with a proclivity towards knocking their prey down and eating them.

There are four variants of the bog bear. The brown bog bear is covered in shaggy, medium brown fur with brown tendrils. They tend to rear up on their hind legs and smash opponents in front of them, knocking everyone in their path to the ground. The aptly-named black bog bear has a dark charcoal coat and distinctive white speckling across its forelegs and chest. They use their powerful paws to knock their prey into the air, following up with stabs from their tendrils. Equally distinctive, the white bog bear has a cream-colored coat tinged with brown. Their tendency is to charge forward on all four paws and smash their huge heads into their opponents to send them flying backward. The panda bog bear is somewhat similar in coloration to the brown bog bear, with dark brown fur and lighter brown banding on its tendrils. It favors its tendrils more than the other variations, using them to stab and stun.

Defeating a bog bear will reward you with some gold and Ethereal Dust, depending on the bear’s level. With the use of a skinning knife, they can also be harvested for durable hide and bear meat.


Wolves are highly-aggressive carnivores that are most often found in large packs. They use their endurance to wear down fleeing prey and their overwhelming numbers to bring them down. A wolf on its own is dangerous enough, but the knowledge that the pack is inevitably close by makes them all the more terrifying.

Of the four variants of wolves, the grey wolf is the most common. They are a slate-grey color, intermixed with lighter greyscale tones. They use a ferocious bite to rip into their opponents and cause them to bleed. The highland wolf is colored in medium brown tones, perfect camouflage for their typical territories. Their bite, too, is incredibly powerful, able to break through armor. In stark contrast is the white wolf, colored exactly as it is described. Deeply connected with their pack, they use a howl to support the other wolves around them and boost their attack power. Shadow wolves exist on the other end of the color spectrum, drenched in deep black. With a howl, they can summon a spirit pack that charges forward to attack their opponents.

Although their numbers make them a particularly formidable force, the rewards for hunting wolves can be great. As with other creatures, Eternal Champions who take down a wolf will be rewarded with gold and Ethereal Dust in correlation with the level of the felled beast. Additionally, you have the chance to harvest a wolf clawwolf toothwolf heart, or wolf paw. A skinner with a knife can also collect flexible hide and wolf meat, useful in leatherworking and cooking respectively.


One of the most terrifying creatures in the Crowfall worlds, spiders can be found wandering alone or clustered in groups around deposits of their eggs. They are aggressive carnivores, able to shoot webs from a distance before quickly skittering towards their prey. Spiders are unique in that they can spin a protective web cocoon around themselves that leaves the spider immobile but creates a barrier that reflects damage back onto attackers.

There are four distinct variations of spiders. The wolf spider has dark brown fur and grey legs. They strike out in quick succession with their front four legs, ripping into their opponent with razor-sharp claws. Jumping spiders are grey with shaggy cobalt fur covering their thorax and abdomen. They are fittingly named, preferring to leap away from their opponents to shoot webs or irritating hairs from a distance. The goliath spider is medium brown with lighter cream markings on its legs, face, and back. They use their weight to rear up and slam down, causing a shock wave that will stun anyone caught in it. Probably the most distinctive, the recluse spider is inky black with intricate red markings spread across its body. They are as venomous as their colors suggest; they are prone to stinging their opponents and leaving them poisoned.

While they can certainly prove to be dangerous, especially in swarms, spiders are rich in resources. They will drop an amount of gold and Ethereal Dust dependent on their level. They can also be searched for spider silk, a spinneret, a clutch of spider eggsspider fangs, or a venom sac. Uniquely, they also sometimes carry rune fragments. With a skinning knife, you can harvest their carcasses for durable hideand spider meat.

Knowing your enemy can drastically improve your chances at surviving and make hunting even more worthwhile. Keep in mind that each of these creatures has its own Hunger-infected version whose behavior and rewards may vary from the information given here. These are also just a handful of the monsters you might encounter when you roam the worlds of Crowfall!

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Until next time, see you in-game!

Jack Kirby
Utility Infielder, ArtCraft Entertainment


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