Crowfall – Bestiary: Spider

Excerpt from the Tome of Argiope, by the hand of Davrin Host, Disciple of Arachne

”From the shadows of the Faceless One’s tapping fingers, drumming out his judgment of the world, she emerged… a knotted thing of creeping legs and silvered skin. He named her Arachne, Mother of Spiders, and the name gave her substance and power.

Deftly avoiding moon-touched corners, she flexed, scurrying into the night to soundlessly observe the machinations of Man. She drank from their secrets, and passed them to the Spider Prince. With each cryptic message sacrificed to Him, she was blessed. As she devoured, so she grew, and soon she who had been born of shadow outgrew its embrace. He took her up into His hands and placed her into the wilds, judging her fit to walk the world. At first she was afraid; the world was big and bright, and the fleeting darkness didn’t cloak her as it once did. But the inhabitants of mortal creation were small and soft. She began to feed on flesh in the stead of secrets, and still she grew.

In time, she was fat and vibrant, and she introduced her own children into the world. The Spider Prince bestowed his blessing upon them, and they grew and multiplied. Her children scattered across the wilderness, scurrying into every sheltered crevice, tiny motes of darkness, the antithesis of stars lighting the night sky. Feeding. Multiplying. They watched, listened, and with their silver thread stitched a faint network of fear and lies between the minds of mortals. They had children, and their children had children, and these children buried themselves deep within the heart of Man and there laid their eggs to hatch for an Age or longer.

And, from the darkness, her mouthless Father smiled.

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