Crowfall – Bestiary: Satyr

Book of Gifts, Chapter 5: 8 to 42

8In the Year of the Eternal Spring, the creatures of the Faewood prepared a revelry in the name of their most beloved of gods, Cybele.

9The festival was filled with feasting and song, dancing and drink. 10There was no place for the measure of time as the Virgin Goddess frolicked and flirted among her people. 11Days melted away into weeks, and the weeks were lost in the dream. 12The wine was endless for 13Cybele would not let her children want for refreshment.

14On the twenty-second day, there appeared among the gaiety a wild goat, a cow, and a turkey. 15They passed into the throng of revelers and 16were welcomed with the glee and encouragement afforded old friends.

17The turkey, upon seeing the face of the Virgin Goddess among them, 18was so enraptured by her exquisiteness that he sought to gain her favor. 19Surely would she be impressed by his feats of beauty! 20He fanned his tail and did strut, capturing the attention of many by the size and shape of his feathers. 21But Cybele found entertainment in the theater of her people, and did pay the conceited turkey no mind.

22The cow, too, did fall enamored by Cybele and, too, sought to gain her favor. 23Surely she would she be impressed by her feats of strength! 24And so did she lumber about, moving rocks thrice her size and felling trees with her head. 25But Cybele found joy in her drink, and did pay the boisterous cow no mind.

26The goat did not notice Cybele, for never had he been invited to such a fanciful party! 27Crowns of flowers were placed upon his horns, flagons of mead were proffered of which he  heartily partook. 28The citizens of the Faewood braided his beard and took up his two front hooves so that they might dance with him. 29The goat, enchanted and giddy, balanced himself, dancing and cavorting of his own accord. 30The festival parted as the goat careened to and fro to the music, first on his hind legs and then on his fore. Every eye watched the creature and 31upon every lip was a jubilant cry, 32for none had seen such a sight in the Faewood. Cybele, herself, let out an elated squeal.

33More and more flagons were brought out to encourage the goat. 34Very soon, he had lacked the balance to walk and the capacity to dance, 35and sooner still lacked the strength even to stand. He faltered, and did plunge into a fountain of wine with enough force to douse the nearby revelers.

36Delighted by his earnest drunken love of life, 37Cybele drew up the sodden goat in her arms and placed a holy kiss upon his forehead. 38His body did alter; his eyes grew bright and his beard grew soft. 39With a kiss she gave him the gift of sentience, and 40from this gift was born the Race of Satyrs who would be forever loyal to their most Holy Maiden Goddess.

41And on this day, the longest gloaming in Summertide, our friend the Satyr gained his voice.  We mark this as the Day of Reverie, 42which our Lady would have us celebrate yearly with a feast of wine, steak, and breast of roast fowl.

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